Texas Water Ski

We are the official water ski team of the University of Texas at Austin. 

Texas Water Ski is one of 44 sports clubs sponsored by the UT Division of Recreational Sports. At all sanctioned collegiate water ski tournaments hosted by the National Collegiate Water Ski Association, Texas Water Ski competes as a D2 competitive club team, belonging to the South Central Region. 

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Thank you to our Sponsors and Donors: 

David Wilson, Mark Grimm, Bridget Brownwell, Chris Peinhandt, Charles Telles, Myron Cook, Matthew Gurwitz, Rebecca Besaw, Kristen Koesters, Yiwen Liu, Benjamin Martinez, McKenna Perez, Kimberly Perez, Yousef Saleh, Brooke Bode, Alexis Telles, Lois Bland, Johnathan Phillippe, Jody and Stephanie Hooten, Karen Hugenberg, Elizabeth Dipp Metzger, Brent and Hollie Pfeiffer, Kennedy Cook, Kendyl Shrogin, Hannah Fielding, Blaze Makovy, Monica Bray, Jon Penner, Gordon Hall, Bryce Cotner, Mariah Mcfadin, Morgan Grimm, Jeri Radford, Ricardo Martinez, Bryce Cotner

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